City Fit Girls Retreat

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City Fit Girls Retreat

Ever been to a fitness retreat?  My first fitness retreat was a time to learn, grow as a fitness professional, be social and let yourself be free.  I was able to meet some new fit friends and participate in some of the greatest fitness classes ever by great instructors from Philadelphia and New Jersey.  I learned about this local retreat from a twitter friend that I didn’t know was local. To my surprise, was one of the best things that happen to me in August. What a way to end my August fit goals!

Love the mission of City Fit Girls!  We are similar in our fitness mission.  I was truly envisioned by this retreat.  I have a desire to host a bFIT retreat of our own. We will test run one with our 1st Annual bFIT Bash coming in November.


Keira Smalls and Takia Mc Clendon did an Awesome job.  The entire retreat was holistic in every way.  The lunch served was delicious! Superfood specitacular by sweetgreen.

Not only did I burn some AMAZING calories for the day but enjoyed some great superfoods for lunch. This day was intentionally set for me to NOT  focus on being an instructor but to focus on my myself as an individual.  I enjoy every workout for myself.  Keira’s Club Cardio class was very enjoyable.  I am not much of a dancer, but this class made me feel like I got my grove on and my grove back. I was most excited for Diva Richard’s H.I.I.T. class . I have heard how intense her classes are and i was ready for a great meltdown. I love how she mixed it up and didn’t leave any modification unturned.

I was truely motivated, inspired and encouraged to keep moving ahead in my aspirations personally.


Stay tuned for my NEXT blog post on running Tips from a Pro Runner.



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